Benefits of Yoga in Weight Loss and Flat Stomach

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Yoga is a practice that supports not only physical but mental as well as spiritual development while allowing to bring out the best in you. Thus it is a way of life and the medium to connect with the inner self and find oneself within. On account of its practical benefits such as better concentration and focus, improved moods, mindful eating, peaceful sleep, relaxation and rejuvenation of self and weight loss, this great art form has gained huge popularity among people of : 

  • all ages ranging  from kids to the elderly
  • all spheres of life ranging from students, sportspersons, homemakers to even celebrities!
  • all nationalities ranging from the East to West 


Yoga – an effective means to help in weight loss

yoga for weight loss infographic
yoga for weight loss infographic


A useful tool in weight loss, yoga and in particular, those forms of that are more active, is an art popularly practiced by one and many. As a practitioner, you may also become conscious as you go through the more subtle and relaxing forms of yoga practice to aid in weight loss. There are several experts who agree to the various ways in which yoga works to bring about and maintain a healthy body weight. Here is a glimpse into some such ways by which yoga can help reduce and maintain the body weight.

  • Most Effective Ways
  • Try Power Yoga
  • Do Plank for Weight Loss
  • Complete Body workout (Yogalates)
  • SIP Hot Water to Remove unwanted Fat (Detoxify your inner body)
  • Practise Yoga in Morning


Yoga and Mindfulness


yoga for mindfullness
yoga for mindfulness


Yoga is not only physical but mental and spiritual as well which makes you aware and enlightened on several levels. Yoga also increases your consciousness as to how the different kinds of dietary habits impact your mind,body and spirit. Yoga is said to be particularly advantageous in case of those looking for natural forms of treatment for weight loss.

According to a study conducted in Indian University, it was reported that training on mindfulness brings about short term advantages related to impulsive eating and participation in physical activity.  It is recommended to avoid practising yoga on a full stomach, so it becomes essential to choose a healthy diet prior to a yoga practice session. Post the yoga practice session, there is a tendency towards foods that are fresh and unprocessed.


Yoga and better sleep


Yoga for better sleep
Best Yoga Poses for Better Sleep


An ideal sleep generally lasts from 6 to 9 hours. Such quality sleep has also been associated with the losing of weight. The practice of yoga nidra – a guided relaxation technique, helps in deep sleep while also increasing mindfulness. As per studies conducted in 2018, it was found that healthcare workers practicing yoga nidra showed increased mindfulness.

Try These Yoga Poses for Better Sleep:


Yoga and calorie burning


Best yoga poses to burn calorie chart

Though yoga may not be considered as a form of aerobic exercise, certain types are physical oriented. Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow are the active and intense yoga types that could aid in the prevention of weight gain. Restorative yoga though not particularly the physical yoga style is said to aid in weight loss.

Under one study, it was revealed that restorative yoga helped in weight loss in overweight women trying to lose weight. Such findings are handy for those who find the vigorous asanas more difficult to perform.


How often can yoga be practiced to lose weight?

The more you practice yoga the more effective it is in helping you lose weight. You could also opt for a more active and intense form of yoga practice for a minimum of 3 to 5 times a week and for a duration of an hour at least. On the other hand , you could opt for a gentler and relaxing  session. Hatha yoga and restorative yoga practices are suitable then. As a beginner, you can start off at a slow pace and then gradually develop and strengthen your practice. This will help build on more strength and flexibility and help in the prevention of injuries.If you are running out of time , then you could alternatively opt for a self practice session of just a minimum of twenty minutes. Allocate yourself an entire day of rest in a week. 

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You can combine other activities as well along with your yoga practice such as swimming, cycling or walking to gain extra cardiovascular benefits. After your yoga session, avoid taking your weight directly as there may be some loss of water weight in the course of your session.  Alternatively, you can take your weight during the same time every day.

For those who cannot complete a full session, there are some asanas that you can try at home such as sun salutation and boat pose.  To learn more about these poses and other poses, and to be able to master them , you can join a professional yoga course such as yoga teacher training. The best yoga teacher training programs are conducted in India and Rishikesh is the ultimate destination where the presence of innumerable standard yoga schools and ashrams add value to this petite town in the foothills of the Garhwal mountains. 

Besides, the yoga schools here are mostly certified under Yoga Alliance and thus are renowned for their authenticity and traditional teachings of the yogic wisdom. The courses may include a broad range of programs of 100 hour yoga teacher training, 200 hour yoga teacher training, 300 hour yoga teacher training and 500 hour yoga teacher training programs in Rishikesh and yoga retreats too. In addition to the course, you will also earn a unique opportunity to witness and experience a new place, new surroundings of tranquility and peace, new Indian culture, new sattvic  food to suit yogic lifestyle, and above all a new you!


The Takeaway

Practicing yoga as a commitment is an effective way to lose weight. It is a good idea to establish for yourself some modest goals which is possible for you to fulfil. With the gradual deepening of your practice, you become more aware and feel a natural tendency to incorporate healthy diet patterns and lifestyle. 

“Life is good” so believe in living it “king size” introduce and incorporate yoga in your life to feel good from within and get oriented towards health and wellness. Eat healthy, sleep well and keep practicing and enjoying yoga as a part of your life to maintain a balanced and healthy mind, body and soul.


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